Small Business Inclusion

25% Target Goal

SMALL BUSINESS, S/M/W/V/DBE subcontractors, suppliers, material and equipment vendors are encouraged to participate in this qualification process directly and through bidding subcontractors.

The Turner Martin-Harris Joint Venture plans a “Vertical Reach” for our small businesses. We are looking to raise the business acumen and competitive skills of small business owners to make their company stronger. We engaged our community partnerships to plan a top-notch Capabilities Workshop for small and diverse business. Our team members have been actively speaking at events or educating small groups on how to be successful.

All Interested parties must be qualified pursuant to NRS 338.16991. Turner Martin Harris, A Joint Venture, and the LVCCD have elected to adopt the Nevada State Public Works Division’s (NSPWD) List of Qualified Bidders.  Firms appearing on the NSPWD’s List of Qualified Bidders whose qualification dates are valid through this qualification process are deemed qualified for their license classifications and to the limits listed below.

NSPWD Qualified Firms

NSPWD Qualified Firms, email your approval letter to to get on the vendor list.

SBE Self Certification

Are you a certified Small Local Business? Fill out the below PDF form and submit to

I Qualify, Now What?

Our commitment to community and small business inclusion is rooted in the belief that service is an essential part of good corporate citizenship.