construction plans


SMALL BUSINESS, S/M/W/V/DBE subcontractors, suppliers, material and equipment vendors are encouraged to participate in this qualification process directly and through bidding subcontractors.

BidTradesAnticipated Release
Package 1Line & Grade / Survey (Procurement under GRs)
Cast-In-Place / Formwork / Accessories
Concrete Reinforcement
Structural Steel/Catwalks and Rails, Fabrication / Erection of BP -1.5A
Below Grade Waterproofing System
Electric Traction Elevators, Electric Traction Freight Elevators
Mechanical / Electrical Equipment Package
Fire Suppression
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Electrical, Lighting
Temporary Electrical Safe-Off
Earthwork, Site Clearing, Rough Grading, Excavation, Trenching (By Trades), Rock Removal, Backfill Aggregate Base Courses, Flex Paving, Rigid Paving,
Selective Demo
Drilled Concrete Piers and Shafts
Wet Utilities
July 2018
Package 2Pre-Cast Architectural Concrete
Polished Concrete Finishing
Masonry / Cold Fluid-Applied Waterproofing
Exterior Stone Cladding
Structural Steel Tekla Model / BOM Part Two
Structural Steel Lobby Structure
Metal Fabrications
Heavy Gauge Metal Structural Framing / Curbs & Purlins @ Skylights
Thermal Insulation, Intumescent Fireproofing, Penetration Firestopping, Joint Firestopping, Acoustical Joint Sealants
Metal Composite Wall Panels, Soffit Panels, Insulated Core Metal Wall Panels
Expansion Control / Fire-Resistive Joint Systems
Overhead Coiling Doors
Glazed Aluminum Curtain walls, Storefronts and Folding Doors (Frame Portion)
Glazed Aluminum Curtain walls, Storefronts and Folding Doors (Glass Portion)
Fixed Louvers (Architectural / Non Mech)
Hydraulic folding doors (Sub frame and Mech Portion)
Gypsum Board, Metal Stud Framing, Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plaster Fabrications
Folding Panel Partitions (Operable Partitions) Ex Hall
Loading Dock Bumpers, Stationary Loading Dock Equipment (TBD) Can be provided by Overhead Door Trades
Offsite Improvements
September 2018
Package 3Roofing - Hot Fluid-Applied Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing, PVC Roofing, Sheet Metal Roofing, Flashing, Roof Specialties, Roof Accessories and Trim
Applied Fireproofing
Hollow Metal Doors / Frames /Flush Wood Doors / Finish Hardware
Glazing (Interior)
Visual Display Units
Audio Visual Systems
Security Systems
November 2018
Package 4Miscellaneous Rough Carpentry / Wood Veneer Faced Arch Cabinets / Plastic Lam Arch cabinets / Plastic Paneling
Column Covers
Perforated Metal
Decorative Formed Metal / Escalator Enclosures
Ceramic Tiling
Acoustical Panel Ceilings, Acoustical Tile Ceilings, Linear Metal Ceilings
Resinous Flooring
Tile Carpeting
Sheet Carpeting
Fabric-Wrapped Panels, Acoustic Treatment
Interior Painting
Toilet Compartments
Toilet, Bath and Laundry Accessories (TBD)
Defibrillator Cabinets (TBD)
Fire Protection Cabinets, Fire Extinguishers (TBD)
Metal Lockers (TBD)
Plaza-Mounted Flagpoles (TBD)
Food Service Equipment
Simulated Stone Countertops Can Be provided by Millwork Trades)
Roller Window Shades (TBD)
Site Furnishings (TBD)
Operations & Maint. of Planting, Planting Irrigation, Plants & Planting, Landscape Grading
Pavement Markings
Chain Link Fences and Gates
March 2019